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10 May 2020


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favicon-152.png This is the blog of Howard Shippin. It was started in the early 2000s and currently has some posts going back to around 2003. It has lived in various places, under SPIP, Wordpress (.com and .org), under Blazeblogger and as home-grown html. Currently I'm experimenting with a static blogging system in emacs org-mode, developed by Bastian Bechthold. The project can be found here. I love the simplicity of this system, mainly because it leaves source files in plain text and is easy to manage. I will be importing my Wordpress posts to it as soon as possible. Older posts will remain probably in the old location.

Lately my actual blogging, or journaling, has been taking place offline, in my notebook. Every so often I play catch-up and pull in a few of those entries here. If there appear to be no recent posts, it doesn't mean I've given up; just that I'm behind on my transcription efforts.

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gravatar.png I am Howard Shippin; born in the UK (1956); living in Israel/Palestine; working part time for the Communications office of Wahat al-Salam - Neve Shalom (

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