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17 May 2021


I have successfully installed WordPress on my home server. For now, I will use it in conjunction with Hubzilla. I keep discovering that I'm not much of a social-media person (more of a blogger). As a blogging platform, WordPress still beats Hubzilla, unfortunately. Some examples (the ones that interest me):

  • it's easy to get a list of one's posts, where I can make quick adjustments.
  • one can backdate posts (this is possible in Hubzilla, by making an adjustment somewhere in the settings - I did this previously but was unable to discover how it's done. Mike MacGirvin's post describing how that's done was deleted).
  • It's easy to import and export one's blog from WordPress to other platforms.
  • It's easier to make theme changes and adjustments in WP.

WordPress does not work very well with social media. The Indyweb people have done as well as they can but Hubzilla's WordPress plug-in (hubzilla_wp), which draws comments back from Hubzilla to WP works better. At least, it did previously; I'll see now if it still does.

RSS newsfeeds have come to be regarded as arcane. I don't want to post links to Twitter or Facebook, but do want to provide an opportunity to follow me on the Fediverse. That seems to be a minimum. So I will continue to cross-post to Hubzilla.

In the meantime, I've stopped following anyone who has not engaged with me on Hubzilla.

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Israel’s doctrine: Humane bombing and benevolent occupation
Indeed, since its inception, Israel has projected a conflicting image of being powerful but insecure, superior but needy, bloody but humane, violent but vulnerable, and ultimately a merciful warrior and a vicious peacemaker.

Marwan Bishara's opinion piece in Al-Jazeera is probably among the best, as usual. Again, I find myself losing patience with everyone who suddenly wakes up again to what is happening here, only to fall asleep again between the periodical flare-ups of the conflict. What this means on the ground is that the Hamas strategy of using violence in order to provoke interest is the only thing that actually works. If Palestinians are quiet and peaceful, everyone forgets about them. Israel can continue expropriating land and colonizing. The world is only too happy to ignore it. Meanwhile, Arab states like the Emirates, which have always wanted Israel as a business partner, can feel free to establish relations, without too much criticism from their own people. No one wants ugly violence and warfare, except maybe the politicians who stand to gain from it, the army and militants who get to use their skills, and the military industry that can test-drive their latest weaponry.

While the conflict rages, ordinary people on both sides are living in fear. Israel has the tactical advantage (by far), but when missiles are falling, people are petrified, regardless of how effective those missiles happen to be. We want it to stop, heal our wounds, rebuild, and get on with our lives. But what the country needs is constant pressure from the world to end the occupation, halt its colonial practices, and start behaving like a responsible, humane country. Palestinians need a real prospect that their children will see better times. Neither Palestinians or Israelis are bad people, or any worse than the citizens of other countries. They do much better when they are working together than when they are locked in conflict.