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Wars of words

It was fascinating to go back today to read up on Gilad Atzmon, whom I quoted in yesterday's post for his review of Avatar, while knowing very little about the man. A former Israeli, now British anti-Israeli, highly political jazz musician, who has invoked the ire of other Jewish anti-Zionists. His opinions are hotly debated behind the scenes in Wikipedia, and currently at Jews sans Frontieres. Arriving into this hornets' nest and trying to understand why these radical left Jewish thinkers were against this other radical left Jewish thinker, calling him a liar, a racist and a buffoon was challenging until it became clear that they see him as blurring the lines between Zionism and Jewish ethnicity and throwing both in the same bag. At least, I think I've got it right. Not trying to patronize anyone - I can see there are real issues here. Just not my issues.