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Wadi Haifa / Overland Travel

By a curious coincidence I have come across the name of Wadi Haifa twice in the same day. It's a town in northern Sudan on the shores of Lake Nasser. I first read of it this morning, while researching the possibility of sea travel from the port of Haifa* in Israel, and then again when reading W. G. Sebald's novel "The Emigrants". He mentions a cafe in Manchester under that name.

It used to be possible to travel to Israel/Palestine by sea, but now the only practical way, since overland connections are dodgy, and impossible for Israelis themselves, is to get there by air.

Here in India I met a Swiss couple the other day who had reached here overland, as I did the first time I came to this country. But they had come on a long route that took them through Russia, China and South East Asia. They had been traveling for one year. Whereas I had come (more than 40 years ago) by a much shorter route that took me through Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. I'm not sure how easy that is today.