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There's a service on the web known as, which provides a purportedly safe login system for any of those scores of web services that we eagerly sign up for - often using the same password for all of them. Originally, like many services we first hear about on readwriteweb or mashable, Usablelogin was a beta service for which one had to make a special request - and I may have done so.

This morning I received an email from, which passed through Gmail's filters to my inbox:

[Update: The email appears to be genuine and actually originate from! - see comments]

Dear Beta Tester,

Thanks for your interest in testing UsableLogin. This is our private "Beta" release, and you're one of the very first to try it out!
UsableLogin is a web service that lets you log in securely to your favorite websites with one codeword.

Get going in three easy steps -- it only takes a few minutes.

1. Click the link below to sign up for your account: [changed]

2. Download the extension (you'll need Firefox 3 or later).

3. Add your favorite sites! Your UsableLogin box will appear on the sites you add, letting you log in with one codeword.

Send your questions and comments to us by visiting

Thanks again for helping us! We're looking forward to hearing from you soon,

-- Your Friends at Usable Security Systems

Enough said.