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Ulcers in Zion

OpEd in Ynet, "Abbas' strategic threat could be more dangerous than Hamas" by Michael Oren, a former Israeli ambassador to US, shows that Abbas is managing to hit home.

via Abbas' strategic threat could be more dangerous than Hamas - Israel Opinion, Ynetnews.

Nahum Barnea (same paper): "Netanyahu needed Abbas - if not as a real partner, then as a fig leaf. That fig leaf has flown away. There is no one to hide the bluff."

Gideon Levy (HaAretz):

"he told the truth. When he said the Palestinians had been “uprooted from ... their good land,” the Israeli television commentator explained that this was a “harsh speech of incitement.” The entire nationalist chorus, from the Labor Party on, with the backup singers of the United States, broke out in shrieks of shock and condemnation. Honestly! How dare Abbas, that ingrate! "

"What Abbas should have said in his UN address "