Children of Dune mini-series

Watching the Dune and Children of Dune mini-series from the early 2000s, I was struck how much films have changed in the years since. There are almost no black or brown skinned actors, certainly none in leading roles. In Frank Herbert's book, the leading Atreides family are said to have olive-brown skin, but on screen they are all very white. A few years of film history seems to have done more for human diversity or fusion of the gene pool than ten thousand years in the Dune films. Of course there were always some films and TV series, like Star Trek, that did diversity better, but nowadays I'm not sure it would even be possible to do a film in this genre that is so blatantly white.

Tor has grown easier

For the last couple of days I've been using Tor for general browsing again. It seems to have gotten a little easier. My work email is on Google Apps, and it was previously almost impractical to use Tor with Gmail. I think some people object that it defeats the purpose of Tor to use it for sites like Gmail, but I'm not aiming for total anonymity, just better privacy than I ordinarily have.  Now the Gmail issue has gone away, it's no longer necessary to divide my time between it and another browser.

While updating a website today the exit node I was connecting through was blacklisted, but it was enough to change the Tor circuit in order to overcome that.

Tor has also proved to be fast enough for my needs. Something about it may eventually iritate me; but for now good.

OK back to WordPress again for this not…

OK, back to WordPress again, for this not very real blog. Previous actions haven't been working for me. But perhaps this time I'll be happy.

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