Cabinet reshuffle

Looking in from outside, it's interesting to read how in post-colonial Britain, Sajid Javid has been replaced by Rishi Sunak and that Alok Sharma was promoted to business secretary.

The Sheltering Sky

Reading The Sheltering Sky of Paul Bowles. It's interesting and well-written. The characters are racist and sexist, of course; I haven't a clue whether that reflects the views of the author, because we aren't intended to admire them.

Seen This

I've joined a French microblog community called SeenThis with an active community of bloggers who share interesting articles. It's on quite a high level. Unlike my French. But it does include a translation engine for when I get stuck, and I'm strictly trawling, rather than actively participating.


Appam - They brought me this for breakfast and it was the first time I'd had it. It's quite vegan (made from fermented rice flour and coconut milk.  South India has a wide range of breakfast possibilities.  (

Quiet time in Kerala

For meals I'm kind of under house arrest, in this rainy and remote location. They bring them to my "cell" twice a day. In the morning it was idli (fermented rice cakes) and vegetable curry; and in the evening I just had a chapatti and a fiery dhal (bean or lentil dish). Admittedly there would be chicken or perhaps fish, if I weren't vegetarian. I saw the son of the household with a fishing line this morning.

At midday, on my walk, I bought coffee and a cake from a stall on the road. It was a beautiful walk, by the river, passing tea and coffee plantations, waterfalls, in the lush Kerala hill country.


It's a sign of the times that Vivaldi's neat presentation of one's browsing history and top sites seems creepy rather than helpful.

Had a little fun playing with a jumping spider that was exploring my computer screen; they will actively try to pounce on the cursor. After a few tries this one gave up in disgust and went off to look for a new hunting ground.