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Twitter Times and Feedly: interesting to compare the results

Feedly takes all of one's RSS feeds in Google Reader and produces from them a compelling newspaper. It's a joy to look at, and a joy to read. Everyone who tries Feedly loves what it can do.

Twitter Times has the harder job of taking one's twitter stream and producing a news stream. It selects for stories that are capturing the attention of one's twitter friends, and even friends of friends. The result is that Twitter becomes much more useful as a source of news and stories.

Both are great news readers, depending on the quality of the material they are given to work with. Twitter Times has the advantage that the "newspaper" produced goes public. Mine is here. The Twitter Times homepage has better examples from famous bloggers. Still, Jack Schofield's Times had at least three separate almost identical stories on the new Google phone, so robotic editors do have their limitations.