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Tiru: May 21, 2019

Found a quiet place on Arunachala hill to sit and meditate. I was reading a little The Divine Life of Sri Aurobindo this morning. It reinforced the idea that reality is a composite of name, form, existence, consciousness, bliss. It is not that reality is an illusion, but that the way we see it is illusion. It is so because we fail to see the divine part of it. We are unable to see that because we separate ourselves from it in a subject-object relationship. The more we are able to see the other as existing without that separation from self, the closer we are to seeing reality. When we grasp the non-separation, there is a transformation of consciousness, so that the five components of reality come together and give birth to a different understanding with supersedes the component parts. Then, there is no longer a universe such as we know it.

But I think the way is to become aware of the unseen parts, of which we are normally oblivious. I think this is not a process, necessarily, of looking within, but of seeing the stranger as oneself. The indication is that this would more closely resemble karma yoga, or, karma yoga might be conducive to developing such a vision.