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Tiru: May 18 2019

The heat is felt cumulatively. I felt it quite strongly this morning. But, after coffee and a short morning nap, I'm feeling better again.

I lack the aspiration of seekers like S.S. Cohen. I'm somehow out of that race. When I go to the ashram I feel peaceful, but it is removed from the context of life. As Krishnamurti says, it is only in relationship that we begin to understand. It is the vicissitudes of life that give learning. Being in the ashram, like being in a university, does not provide adequate context. As one of my professors at Exeter said: if it appears that what we are studying is irrelevant, we should stand under the underpass of a busy highway.

Well, here in Tiru, all one has to do is pass outside the ashram gate, and all the squalor of the Tamil city instantly makes itself felt, by all the senses. But there is no personal involvement as such.