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the reality of occupation

Pro-Palestinian groups around the world are ebullient. Finally they're in the spotlight and are keeping up a ceaseless banter on Twitter and the networks. The martyrdom of a few shahids at the brutal hands of the Israeli military seems to have been worth it for this moment of glory.

Curiously, for once (with the exception of Raed Salah and Hanin Zoubi) there are no Palestinians in this story: only internationals and Turks. The world, which has consistently betrayed Palestine and left it to be ruled over and subjugated by Israel, is suddenly in the forefront, with a tale of nobility, heroism and personal sacrifice on the high seas. A Hollywood movie.

The Palestinians are somewhere in the background. Their lives continue under occupation. Breaking through a blockade, with a few tons of food, medical supplies and cement is not going to be enough. Even defeating the policy of siege is not going to be enough. Palestinians need to get back control over their lives, a state of their own, or a sharing of power all over Palestine.