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The carbon footprint factor

It's becoming immoral to fly. Plane trips squander energy; so maybe I shouldn't do it. There's no way to get out of Israel without flying and, anyway, the only way to get to India or the US for me is to fly.

It's necessary to go see my Dad once a year. It would be possible to combine that with a European trip, but not with a trip to India so maybe that's what I ought to do.

This year I could accompany Dorit to Europe and then, when she's in Germany, go see my Dad and Andrew. That would also save a bit of money, perhaps.

Next time I might be able to do something similar with a trip to India and the US, but I'm not sure that would save anything on fuel and CO2 production.

Another thing, is to choose the shortest routes (which don't always correspond to the cheapest flights). Like maybe going through the Gulf States to India is shorter than through Turkey. El Al's route goes down through the Red Sea and is therefore quite long.

Was checking the online visa situation for India - looks like that's coming soon for the UK as well (though only 1 month).