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The blogging canvas

There's something about blogging – I'm not quite happy with the canvas, with the medium. I write mostly for myself, but am drawn to the public quality of blogging, in a similar way perhaps that writers and artists are drawn to do their work in corner cafes. But, with all of that, the problem is that you write a post. Then you put it up. And there it is. On a pedestal that you're not really sure about, or whether it fits. To go back and make changes seems somehow dishonest. Yet that's what I feel like doing. And the medium doesn't seem to suit that. Anyone who is going to read a posting will probably see only the first iteration anyway. And the blogging software is clunky. You go into a text editor, then look at it as it shows up on the page. I would like the process to be totally different. Words would appear in the blog as I'm writing them. Then I would go back and change them – half a minute or a year later. I'd look at the screen, change a word here or there, or scrap a whole paragraph. Of course, it's not necessary or worthwhile to do that with most compositions; and many of them are no longer important a little while after they have been written. But not everything about a blog should be linear and fixed to a calendar.