17 February, 2021


I can't really complain about the weather in these parts, when the situation is currently much worse over wide areas of the planet. But we have had a day of hard rain, turning to sleet and snow in areas above 1,000 metres. Here in our village it's currently 4 C outside; about the coldest we've had it this year. Jerusalem is seeing snow for the first time in 6 years. Israelis love it and flock to see a few flakes of snow, but not me. One thing I'm pretty sure of is that I wouldn't want to live much further north. I used to hate the hot weather and not mind the cold, but nowadays I'm happier in warmer climes.

In the morning I read a couple of articles about the IndieWeb. I used to be more interested in its POSSE philosophy, before I grew fed up of the commercial services and started not to care about exposure. Daniel Goldsmith's article on free software is also interesting, though by the end of it, I somehow felt a bit out of my depth. I need to read more about what he calls the differences between American and European concepts of libertarianism and understand how this plays out in the development of the free software movement (if he's right). Those of us who lack a good grounding in political thinking, are perhaps unduly influenced by simplistic ideas of a freedom. and suffer from a less developed social consciousness. And then again, it's one thing to know ideas and principles, and quite another to apply them.

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✭'Spy pixels in emails have become endemic' - BBC News
- Emails pixels can be used to log:
- if and when an email is opened
- how many times it is opened
- what device or devices are involved
- the user's rough physical location, deduced from their internet protocol (IP) address - in some cases making it possible to see the street the recipient is on
#email #privacy

✭The Original Sin of Free Software

"... all positive rights are expressed purely in individual terms. There are no collective rights in these documents, just individual rights. The ideal of the developer as an individual is hard-coded into the DNA of the Free Software Movement and its various children."

"It is important to remember that the American version of Libertarianism, as espoused by Ayn Rand and her ideologues, is nothing to do with the Franco-European tradition of libertarianism, a spectrum of leftist anarchism running from Babeuf through Déjacque to Faure. American Libertarianism should more accurately be described as “anarchist-capitalism”, a strain of pseudo-political thought which idolises the popular concept of the Old West as a high-point of western civilisation, when men were men and justice as dispensed from the barrel of a gun."


✭Aaron Parecki
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