Adam Osborne and his computer

The first computer I owned was the Osborne 1, though the one I purchased was already several years old and a bit old fashioned by that time - probably it was in the late 1980s. I even bought a second model for parts.

The Osborne 1 was the world's first truly portable computer. It was really innovative, in that the main unit and keyboard folded up together for easy carrying: folded up it had a similar weight to a portable sewing machine. It was invented in 1981 by Adam Osborne (1939-2003).

I have just learned that Adam was the son of Arthur Osborne (1906-1970) a British academic and writer who lived for a time in India and was a follower of Ramana Maharshi. His family home adjoins that of my friend in Tiruvannamalai, who I hope to visit again very soon.

According to Wikipedia, Adam wrote a bestselling book about his experiences together with John C. Dvorak, Hypergrowth: The Rise and Fall of the Osborne Computer Corporation. In later life, he returned to India, where he lived in Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu.