Use of hyperlinks by news sites

The Independent has a report called "Revealed: The shocking amount of resources needed to make products such as mobile phones, coffee and T-shirts ", which says that:
'The “resource footprint” report, commissioned by Friends of the Earth, finds that water and land use can be reduced considerably when companies consider the environment in their manufacturing processes. But all too often, it says, producers pay scant regard to the strain they are putting on crucial resources, putting extra stress on an environment that is already stretched to the limit.'
Great, so why not provide us with a link to the report? I've noticed this often: a news site reports on a new study, or other publication of an organization involved in advocacy, and will not give the link to the publication itself. The news site devotes a few skimpy paragraphs to it, and expects us to be content with that or go hunting. Well, the report can be found via a link from the website of Friends of the Earth, UK: here. I wasn't able to click through to the actual report though, even there: but that's another problem.