3 December, 2020


I use Thunderbird for our Office email, but the staff asked me to do a session on using Gmail. Most of them have thousands of emails in their inbox and are fairly lost. I have to say, Gmail has improved a lot over the years, so that it's really hard to match. It's also highly customizable though with all of that it's hard to get it to respect traditional email standards


Gmail View Settings You Need to Try Right Now (Quick Tips)
by Simpletivity on YouTube
There are many choices; you don't have to stay with a choice, but can experiment and see what works best for you.

Note: the three line trigram at top-left corner of GMAIL expands or collapses the mail folder column at left. If it's in a collapsed state, moving the mouse to the left side makes the mail folder column appear temporarily. This can save space.


How to Use Gmail Filters and Labels (Tutorial)
by Simpletivity on YouTube

It's extremely worthwhile to learn how to use filters and labels.

Take aways:
- Labels are an easy way to make emails stand out.
- Filters can get emails you don't want to see out of your inbox - either for deletion or putting them in folders. But you can do much more with filters.

One way to set up labels is to go through the filters dialogue, and just choose under the filter to add a label.[/list]Note: If you really don't want to see emails from a list, such as advertisements ever again, it's better to look for an "unsubscribe" button at the bottom of the email message.


7 Gmail Settings Every User Should Know! (Tutorial)
by Simpletivity on YouTube

You have "Quick Settings" under the Cog / Galgal Shana'im icon at top.
You have advanced settings under "See all settings" under Quick Settings.

There are many useful settings so you can set things up exactly as you like them.

They need to be turned on in All Settings, halfway down page, "Keyboard Shortcuts On".
Remember to Save Changes, at bottom of screen.

Common ones:
- e archives an email.
- # deletes an email
- r reply to sender
- a reply all
- c write a new message
- s add/remove a star
- l open "label as" menu
- ; expand all emails in a "conversation"
- z undo the last action


Here's a popular workflow based on the GTD (Getting Things Done) method[list=1][]First, archive or delete all old emails that you are not going to deal with.

  • Don't leave anything stuck in your inbox.

There's a real-world demonstration of this system, with slight variations, here:

Some people use also a "Someday" label, or a label for "For Reference", where an email like THIS one might go.

More on Paul Allen's GTD method (which isn't intended only for email) : #^

GTD explained in minutes
by urgencyflows on YouTube

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