That’s good news. The same evening, on Israeli TV they interviewed many from southern Israeli towns who were all in favor of continuing the campaign, because otherwise, they said, there will only be a renewal of hostilities within a short time. The same lack of imagination is shared by most of the personalities on Israeli news programs. They rarely speak about bringing real change, ending the Occupation, stopping the blockade on Gaza, creating conditions in which peace based on equality and justice will be more attractive than the perpetual conflict.

As the situation is now, in Palestinian perception, the only way to get their issue back on the agenda, is to begin lobbing missiles at Israel. When nothing is happening, Israel does not use the period of quiet in order to bring about change, but continues with its colonization practices and curbs on Palestinian freedom. The periodical flare-ups only feed into increasingly right wing Israeli governments and enhances the popularity of Hamas on the Palestinian side.

The world community, meanwhile, who do not really want to spend time on the Palestinian – Israeli conflict, and would rather forget about Palestinians in general, falls asleep. It only wakes up when something happens that is impossible to ignore. Then we see see social media posts and news stories in left-wing publications shouting about genocide and war crimes, for a while. But the truth is, for the most part, Israel looks more attractive and easier to deal with, for the majority of Europeans and North Americans, than do Palestinians. The country is a success story; modern, smart, upbeat, and, except for the one thing that won’t go away, likable. Even with its lousy rightwing leadership, the country is effective – such as now when it beat every other country in getting its citizens vaccinated. There too, it missed an opportunity. It could have put vaccines into the hands also of Palestinians under Occupation. This was arguably its responsibility, under international conventions regarding the responsibility of the occupying power.

No one really expects anything to change. And that, itself, is a problem.

Source: https://hubzilla.vikshepa.com/item/ac7a3a13-098a-4be5-9a6c-e6196a05bfd1

10 February, 2021

Gaza and Palestine

Helped put together a slideshow presentation for a doctor from our village on his visits with Physicians for Human Rights to Gaza. They do treatment days in hospitals and in private homes, about once every three months, and have been continuing also during the COVID pandemic. Italian or Arabic speakers can listen to his presentation at
PONTI - tra Gaza e Neve Shalom Wahat al-Salam

by Amici NSWAS on YouTube

A friend in Italy wrote because she said she was feeling a bit "homesick" for Israel/Palestine - she sent me an account of her visit to Hebron and the South Hebron hills, many years ago. The village she talked about, At-Tuwani, has been very much in the news lately, due to attacks and beatings from fierce Israeli settlers, incursions by the army, housing demolitions, etc. Internationals who maintained a presence and help to prevent some of the worst infractions have been unable to come due to the COVID crisis. Now a group of young Jewish Israeli activists will be staying there for three months, while learning Arabic. A young woman from our village is going there to help teach Arabic. It sounds like a good effort.

A few years ago, when the Jahalin bedouin tribe were under threat of their encampments being demolished due to the expansion of Maaleh Adumim settlement, I spent a night or two with them. It was when mobile phones were just coming in, and, as part of the effort, the activists had provided them with a mobile phone in order that they could call for help, alert journalists, etc. I had never used a mobile phone prior to that. It was a huge thing, about the size of a brick. It seemed a complete irony to have this state-of-the-art technology in a bedouin tent. During the time I was there, the bulldozers did not come; but they came afterwards. That encampment is no longer there, and the Bedouins were moved to a site adjacent to Jerusalem's garbage dump.

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