28 April 2021


Helichrysum sanguineum These flower in late spring in our area. It's common all over the Levant. The Jews call it "Dam HaMaccabim ("Blood of the Maccabees") and Arabs, according to Wikipedia, call it "Dam al-Massiah" - Blood of the Messiah. It's a protected plant in Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

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‘Insanely cheap energy’: how solar power continues to shock the world | Energy | The Guardian

Twitter India blocks posts critical of Modi's Covid-19 response - CNN

In recent weeks, criticism against the Modi government's handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been intensifying on social media, as users post images of bodies lying in morgues and burning in outdoor crematoriums.

Vaccine hoarding is all the more disturbing as a Covid disaster unfolds in India | Gaby Hinsliff | The Guardian

as long as others are experiencing horrors on the scale of India, consciences everywhere will be troubled.

India missed the opportunity to reign in COVID, lulled by a false sense of security. Modi originally promised to vaccinate 100 million Indians by summer*, and could have done so - though maybe it's because they were busy exporting the vaccine to other countries. In general, as the world knew that vaccines were on the horizon, which was something like a year ago, there should have been a huge effort to build factories and an efficient supply chain. That would have been cheaper than all the economic stimulus packages and all the rest.
* Fact check: in January India promised to vaccinate 300 million by summer. By April 29, it had administered at least 138 million doses.

Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella, Google and Microsoft's CEOs pledge support as India battles coronavirus crisis - CNN
They are sending a few million dollars, out of their billions.

India is churning out billion-dollar startups. Now they need to start making money - CNN

The mood a year later is very different, despite a brutal surge in coronavirus cases that is threatening the economic recovery. India's startup community has found itself in an unprecedented funding bonanza.

Israel is committing the crime of apartheid, rights watchdog says | Israel | The Guardian

a “present-day reality of a single authority, the Israeli government … methodologically privileging Jewish Israelis while repressing Palestinians, most severely in the occupied territory.

And it's much worse than what South Africans called “apartheid”, as Desmond Tutu and others have said. But Israel's increasingly right wing government is always going to deny that. Israelis have become conditioned to regard their situation as an existential struggle. The agenda of expropriation and replacement of Palestinians is long-term, persistent and ongoing, and it doesn't matter whether Palestinians are quiescent or violent. International pressure only manages to slow the process, but never to actually change anything.

'One system, one policy': Why Human Rights Watch is charging Israel with apartheid

What makes this report significant for HRW is that it “connects the dots” between Israel’s varying policies to show that they are driven by “one system, one policy, and one intent” to secure the permanent rule of one group over another.

Israel uses ‘apartheid’ to subjugate Palestinians: HRW | Human Rights News | Al Jazeera

“Policymakers must now shift their focus away from securing a political solution that might herald peace, and instead fight back against a trajectory of expanding Israeli territorial consolidation and Palestinian dispossession in the entirety of the land,” he said.

EXCLUSIVE White House backs 2030 milestone on path to net zero grid | Reuters

A 2030 target would be a milestone on the way to achieving President Joe Biden’s stated ambition of net zero carbon emissions in the grid by 2035. It could also potentially be passed without Republican support through a process called budget reconciliation.

Repair or replace? An expert guide to fixing or ditching eight essential household items | Life and style | The Guardian