11 February 2021

Yael visited; which is now legal again, after the relaxation of lockdown rules. She lives in Jerusalem and wanted see a bit of greenery. We all went for a walk in the fields, which are currently full of wheat.


She knows more about wild flowers that I do. This, it turns out, is a wild orchid:


After taking her down to the bus station, I did the grocery shopping, all at the whole foods store. We don't get fruit delivered in our organic vegies crate, so I got some of those and lots of other things, including some Mt. Hagen fair trade coffee beans. The whole beans were a bit cheaper than the ones that were already ground, so I bought a kilo of beans, though we had just given the coffee grinder back to our daughter.

Here's the product, costing € 17.28 at Violey.com, in Europe, and €28 is what I paid for it in Israel. Fair trade means rip-off prices around here.


So next I had to go looking for a coffee grinder. Before buying, I sat in the car and DDGed "What to look for in a coffee grinder". perkbrew.com/coffee-grinders is a very comprehensive article on the subject. It makes it quite clear that "burr" grinders are much preferred to blade grinders. But, what to do? - normal electrical goods stores here sell only the latter kind. The cheapest of them cost around $35. The one I eventually ended up buying cost double that, because it had adjustable settings. I hope it's good. We normally brew a cup in the morning, and another after lunch, in a little Bialetti macchinetta / moka pot.

My oldest son, who is becoming a bit too finicky about his coffee, recently bought a hand grinder, but it seems to take a long time and a lot of elbow grease to make a small amount.

One kind of coffee I really enjoyed was a Nitro Cold Brew; which I had a couple of years ago on a really hot south Indian day, at Marc's Café in Auroville. Served in a wine glass. That was amazing.