25 August 2020


It was funny reading about Apple's attempt to get Automattic to monetize its free WordPress app in order to draw its 30% cut . Automattic is sometimes a little aggressive in promoting its premium plans, but still seems to me a reasonably ethical company



I 'm deciding between two projects that I need to give attention to: our Civi-CRM site and a couple of things I need to do for our website on SPIP. Civi-CRM is set up on our WordPress site, but I neglected it for a year or so, so something broke. It then required re installation and a PHP update. That too didn't go smoothly on hostgator, and need their support crew's intervention. Now I have to try to fix a bunch of things in order not to lose the data that is already in. I didn't manage to get any of the staff to actually use Civi-CRM, but now they are asking for it.

The other work I need to do is in SPIP. That's a French CMS. When I began with it, somewhere in the early 2000s, it seemed to be the best CMS for multilingual content, including Right-to-Left languages. So I adopted SPIP. Now it would be very difficult to move thousands of articles to an easier CMS.. So I continue to use SPIP. It does have some advantages. I find it easier than WordPress for adding posts/ pages., and SPIP imposes a hierarchical structure that is great for our usage. The main drawback is the difficulty in when it comes to design changes. In WordPress you can just drop in a new theme (I know it isn't always quite so simple). In SPIP, you need to re-create all the templates by hand, and also know SPIP's unique adaptations of PHP. And of course, SPIP cannot compete with WordPress on the number of available plugins.