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Social network afterthoughts

Social networks have been for me an interesting experiment, but finally, I think I prefer keeping my thoughts to my blog. Perhaps if Facebook would have a setting to place information only on the profile page and not in the newsfeed, I might prefer that. And maybe occasionally, it could be appropriate to place a link to a blog post up on one of these networks. But I don't really want to entrust anything to a network that regards me as a commodity. I've kept my facebook account in order that people can contact me. I've kept Twitter as a news service, after detaching myself from my followers (of whom there were never many). I've kept because it's open source, but I've never really liked that service. First because I never find anything interesting there, and second because all tweets (I forget what they call these on end up in the public feed. There should at least be an option.

Regarding this blog, I've done some careful SEO, i.e., set it to "noindex" so that Google won't index and cache it. I've also removed the links from my blog to my personal name.

For anyone who really wants to follow this blog, there's the RSS newsfeed, which I personally still prefer over Twitter and Facebook as my primary means for keeping up with web sites that interest me. On the ipod, I use a service called My6sense" which combine RSS and Twitter together.