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There is no longer any reason to accept anything: any ideology or creed, or hold on to any conception of truth.

By now, we've proved all of them wrong. By the early 21st century we can say with complete confidence that they have all equally fallen into ignominy.

New teachers and apologists for old teachings still come along.  They should be welcomed with an ironic smile.

Only one thing remains certain, and this is that we are racing towards the destruction of ourselves and the biosphere.

The end won't come today or tomorrow.  Or even next week.  The end is not near. But it is embedded in the present. In our greed, in our blindness and ignorance.

These are what we must change.  The old guys had clues to obtaining a different consciousness that could bring about a radical transformation.

The words in which they couched their revelation are unintelligible or wrongly interpreted, no doubt, and the implementation may have been flawed.
Yet they were onto something.

We need to seek out the kernel, winnow away the chaff.