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I'm thinking that the best organization of any written material, from simple notes, to journals, to emails, to blogs and articles, is individual files in plain text or markdown format, stored locally and in the cloud. Databases and systems complicate things. For example, for notes I use Cherrytree, which is really excellent but, by keeping it in Nextcloud, I end up with conflicting versions for my desktop and laptop computer. Individual files would solve this problem. With email systems, the formats that do not rely on a single file, as does Thunderbird, are less corruptible. CMS systems also create a layer between oneself and the individual articles.

For browsing files there is a whole slew of software, and I can take my pick. Nextcloud's browser lets me view and edit individual files. When they are in Markdown format, I can view the code and the presentation side by side in the browser. In the terminal, Midnight Commander lets one scroll through a directory and see the files simultaneously, without having to click to open them. I need to check the optimal solution for searching. A long time ago I hit on the perfect file name format for myself, which is the ISO date followed by the file name, as in . At the office I do the same but sometimes add an abbreviation for a department, as in . This system helps to keep the files in order, on sorting them by name.

I'm thinking that a variation on this might be the best solution for writing fediverse posts too - retaining the original copy then pasting into Hubzilla, for example.