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On the day of the Qana bombing

“We can’t return to the status quo ante,”

No indeed, nor any kind of ante, after all this blood has flowed.

“A full investigation will be conducted.”

It is you, the leaders who should be the subject of the investigation: the Israeli leaders who led us into this imbroglio, the Hezbollah leaders who placed their missile launches and command centres in the houses and apartment buildings of ordinary people. Insanity is the only defense you will be able to claim for leading us to this brink, for wreaking such destruction upon innocent children. No other excuse will be accepted. The leaders are not the only ones responsible, it must be admitted. It is we, the people, who allow them to use us as pawns in this cruel game.

“Israel will take full responsibility…”

Does anybody remember what it means to take responsibility? Can anyone truly take responsibility for killing or not killing another human being, except before the bombs are dropped or the missiles fired?

The true victims of this war are not the ones who are dying today, but our children and grandchildren who will have to bear the consequences in future wars, the fruit of hateful seeds sown today.