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Old vs New Google Storage Plans

I just installed Google Drive, and I'm thankful that I had previously purchased storage for Picasaweb, even though I hadn't really needed it.  Just look at the difference between my old storage price plan and the "upgrade" plans in the picture below.  Previously $5 would buy a whole year's worth of 20 GB storage.  Whereas now, $2.50 pays for 25 GB a month.  Now I wish that I'd purchased 100 GB at the old price.  According to Google's information on storage plans, the old annual plan remains in force forever, unless I let my credit card information expire or in any other way invalidate or change the current plan.  So I had better beware.
The ups and downs of storage plan prices are interesting at Google.  Prior to my 20 GB for $5 plan, I was paying $20 for 20 GB.  Then Google reduced the price to a quarter of the original cost, meaning that for a while, before adjusting the Gigabytes, I had 100 GB for my $20.  Now, 100 GB costs $60 per year, or three times what it cost just a week ago.
It's not quite as simple as I made it appear above.  There have been other adjustments to Google storage capacities, and what counts towards storage (for example photos under a certain size are now free - but they have been so for the last several months). 

Information on the storage plans :