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My Kindle arrived

I ordered a Kindle back before intending to visit my parents in Virginia, in early May. But that trip didn't happen, and I waited for someone to bring it over. Now it's arrived, and I quickly finished off a Murakami that I'd mostly read (using Amazon's service) on my I-pod touch. Now I've got started on No More Enemies by Deb Reich.

I opted for a Kindle rather than a tablet computer, since I know that having a device that can do many things would distract me from the experience of reading.

I love Kindle's display. Ergonomically, I think the device isn't perfect. There's too small of an area to grab without accidentally hitting navigation buttons

Richard Stallman has famously spoken out against Amazon and the other book chains, and I agree with him. But the convenience factor steps in; I'm just happy Amazon make it possible to buy books here in Israel/Palestine, unlike B & N, Google and the other ebook publishers. For print, I'd started to use The Book Depository - a UK merchant that ships all over the world, for free. (I'll bet it's still cheaper to order from India.)

Deb Reich's book is brilliant by the way, though I'm still in the early chapters.