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morning coffee

At the nearby kibbutz, the shopkeeper didn't have our usual espresso coffee. You mean the capsules? she says. You mean this? (pointing at coffee ground for a French press). No, espresso - for a macchinetta, I stammer. "You see that I don't understand you..." she says. So I come home empty-handed and make Palestinian style coffee instead. Just as good. You take a Cezve, which Israeli Jews call a finjan (though that actually means a small cup in Palestinian Arabic) and fill it with water, a couple of spoons of ground Turkish/Arab/black coffee, ground cardamon and a little sugar, and then let it boil up three times. Wait for the coffee grounds to settle, then drink.

Israeli Jews just put the same ground coffee in a cup of hot water and let it settle. They call this "mud coffee". Not as good.