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Meher Baba; ajapa japa

Only India has been able to produce spiritual masters like Kabir and Meher Baba, whose religious identity is unclear, but whose spiritual stature is enormous. And Meher Baba himself explored and brought attention, more than any other, to the world of God-intoxicated sadhus, whose spiritual stature was also great, but who were not capable of teaching anything to others. Their case is even more interesting, because if no one would pay attention to them in this way, they would be considered mere aberrations, whose experience is of no value to humankind. The changes being brought about by modern India endangers their very existence; and once they are gone, they will quickly be forgotten, with a shudder.

As a side note, it's nice that those with an interest in Meher Baba have chosen to use Wikipedia itself to record his life and ideas, thus making them accessible to everyone.

Also in Wikipedia, I also found interesting information on the Soham mantra, with mention of all the classical sources, and on the concept of "ajapa japa" - japa that has the quality of persisting without effort. I occasionally experience this, particularly when walking - though briefly.