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May 22, 2021

The capers are now in bloom.

WordPress and Hubzilla

I've been slowly working through my re-wordpressification of the blog, and experimenting with writing content in one so it gets into the other. According to my research, it works better to do the writing and editing in Hubzilla, and let Hubzilla propagate to WordPress, rather than the opposite. There are a couple of reasons for this:
- WordPress interprets the formatting made in Hubzilla better than the other way round.
- Hubzilla posts automatically to WordPress, whereas in the other direction, it's a choice.
- Hubzilla's editor is easier than the choices offered by WordPress.

That WordPress does not automatically post to Hubzilla has the advantage that I can easily copy over old Hubzilla posts into WordPress, without them getting duplicated in Hubzilla. Also, in WordPress I can backdate them. My WordPress blog goes back to 2003. I have now copied over most of my Hubzilla posts back into WordPress. There are still a couple of months work of posts to move over. The only disadvantage with this method seems to be that tags are not carried over into WordPress (though they can be added later.


Ashtavakra Gita

Wikipedia is oftentimes the best source of information on a given subject. With regard to this classic, it has a compilation of various web editions in Sanskrit, romanized Sanskrit and English. Conversely, it doesn't list the version by Bart, which is the one I like. But it does have an excellent PDF of a version put out by the Ramakrishna Mission and prepared by Swami Nityaswarupananda. This one adopts the convention that is most useful for serious students, of presenting first the devanagari sloka, then a word by word translation, then the translation, then commentary. I may try to find a hard copy of this.




War in Gaza - Do We Really “Have No Choice”? | Al Bawaba

In actual fact cases of genuine self-defence are extremely rare, and in virtually all cases of conflict there are wise and heartful solutions that are not seen and not taken. “We have no choice” generally means “We don’t have the wisdom to act differently

My wife sent me that article by Steven, which is great and true, except for the argument that at bottom, both sides want peace. As he says, little has changed since 2006, when he wrote it, and the tragedy continues. But I think I understood way earlier than 2006 that it's mainly the Israeli side that talks about "peace". If you are an oppressed person living under occupation, you don't talk about peace.

What Have The Romans... - Monty Python's Life of Brian
by Monty Python on YouTube

You talk about freedom, about justice, but peace? Not so much.
#gaza #palestine

India orders removal of content referring to ‘Indian variant’ | Coronavirus | The Guardian
"The government order, sent on Friday by the electronics and information technology ministry, highlighted government sensitivity to accusations that it has mishandled the latest outbreak."
Own it, India