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March 3, 2021

Carpentry workshop

Our boss organized for us a workshop with a carpenter. We restored an old table and built a new meeting room table. The old table was rather ugly but once restored has a certain charm. In the meeting room we had a fibre-border table that Abdessalam (Allah irhamo) built. For the new one we took boards from the burned-down School for Peace building. It's not finished yet. My conclusion is that it's amazing what you can do with old stuff, but it takes a really long time to get results.


More photos here

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★ Why Israel fears the ICC war crimes investigation | International criminal court | The Guardian
"As Matthew Cannock, the head of Amnesty International’s centre for international justice, put it: “This is a momentous breakthrough for justice after decades of non-accountability for war crimes and crimes against humanity."

The TV news said there was no difference between the reactions to this from the right and left side of Israel's political map; but by "left" they mean people like Benny Gantz, who has a good chance of being convicted by the court as a war criminal.

★ The best way to avoid an ICC probe: Don't commit war crimes "With every settlement and military operation, Israel has been paving its own road to The Hague."