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March 1, 2021

Web browsers again


SeaMonkey is still there. It's a community effort and avoids the commercial decisions that FF has taken. It went for awhile without being updated but in the last year or two it has been getting some developer love and is currently based on FF 60 ESR. The last update is from late January. I won't use it for mail at present, because that's also at version 60.

I spent some time SeaMonkey. There's quite a lot that can be done to make it pretty and more usable. But to give it the functionality of today's popular browsers needs the installation of a number of potentially unsafe extensions. Unsafe because they are old and use an older extension method that gives them unlimited permissions. By itself, without those extensions, SeaMonkey can still do quite a lot. It has a degree of personality and polish that feel lacking in some more modern Chrome and Gecko based browsers. But although it is true that Google and Mozilla are engaged in various practices we don't like, they also add various features that protect our security. With a bit of tuning and tweaking, we can mitigate some of the privacy hazards and data leakages. I think in 2021, as things are, it's less a matter of idealism and more about doing what we need to maintain a reasonable standard of personal privacy.

Links blog

★ Astian is the organization behind the Midori web browser. They are FOSS and besides Midori offer cloud services and a free messenger service called Spika. They are based in Bogota and boast partnership with various corporations, including Microsoft. Midori is built on Elektron.

★ Delhi Muslims fear they will never see justice for religious riot atrocities | India | The Guardian
'Many have described this as a turning point in the BJP government’s crushing of democratic dissent. “The Delhi riots have been used by the police to go after all activists and anti-government protesters in Delhi in the name of a false conspiracy that has no basis in evidence,” said Nadeem Khan, co-founder of the activist group United Against Hate, which has had multiple members arrested. “The whole of Delhi civil society is living in a state of fear.”'

★ Arab community calls for probe after 35 hurt by police in anti-crime protest | The Times of Israel
'Umm al-Fahm residents have been holding weekly demonstrations against violence and organized crime for nearly a month and a half. Since the beginning of 2021, 21 Arabs have died violently inside Israel.'

★ Israeli Police's Crackdown On Umm Al-Fahm Protesters Gives A Green Light For Crime | Scoop News 'The Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor strongly condemns the Israeli Police's suppression of demonstrations in Umm al-Fahm protesting the escalation of violence and crime in the city. Many protesters were injured while others were arrested.'

★ Eating meat raises risk of heart disease, diabetes and pneumonia
“results add to the growing evidence from researchers and the World Health Organization that eating too much meat, especially red and processed meat, can damage someone’s health.”