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Madaa – Silwan Community Center

Madaa - Silwan Community Center.

A friend forwarded this:

Dear Friends,

We want to wish you all a happy and beautiful holidays period!

As you know we are volunteering since two years in Madaa Silwan Community Center. 
Madaa believes in empowerment through creative activities. Hundreds of children are involved in the weekly music, art, theater and dance activities. There is now also an Internet room where they can work for school, and a library where the children can read or take books home.
In our attempt and challenge to make the community center sustainable, we put up a new system:

Are you looking for an original present for Christmas, for your best friend's birthday or your parents' anniversary? Or maybe you just want to surprise someone you love?

By choosing gifts, you will sponsor activities for the youth of Silwan in the community center. If you wish, you can send the gifts as a present to someone in the form of an electronic greeting card. He or she will receive an email with a link to see the different gifts you have sponsored in their name.

Please share this donation system with your friends and family, so our different projects will continue and grow, and that more children can follow classes.

You are warmly invited to visit the community center, so you can see the activities yourself.

Fabienne and Danny