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Journal 2010-05-12

Yeah so today I became more certain about going to India again over summer. That happened after taking Elizabeth to the airport. Somehow my brain is wired to associate travel to India with happy thoughts - there isn't much logic to it.

It was great seeing Emily again. We had already some interesting conversation. It's amazing how people interact with us in our lives in ways we hardly suspect. Like when we were talking about children she said that her first really strong desire to have kids was one day when babysitting in our house. She had slept over. Yonatan had woken up crying and made his way to her bed. She said that just being there for him and being able to ease a baby's needs had made her realize how good that felt.

In another conversation I had today, with a village person, I realized how important it is, once again, to keep a record of experience and discussion, otherwise everything is so easily forgotten. That happens because experience needs to be processed and considered. Otherwise much of what we do becomes a jumble. It doesn't help that our brains are growing old. I wish I could write everything down.

This has been a year of meeting up again with old friends, and it's nice to see a trail of people coming through, and staying a few days.

The other day at Coral's memorial I thought again about that extraordinary woman who even at the age of 60 took her life in a completely new direction. Sometimes we take everyhing for granted. It is better to view life as something completely dynamic, since that is closer to the truth.