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We got up at 4.30 in order to get down quickly to GovindGhat and made it down by around 9.15. Now we are waiting for our taxi to fill up.

It was much quicker going down of course, and the only event for me was being knocked over by a horse, or rather by the load it carried. My head landed comfortably in a patch of mud between two rocks, so I escaped with only a scratch.

Because our shoes were so wet, this was a bit hard on the feet, so I bought and changed into a pair of slippers down in GovindGhat.

It's a pity really that we spent so much time rushing along the way, both on the 13 kilometer way up to Gangharia and the 3 kilometer way up to the Valley of Flowers, because the landscape here is really amazing, particularly the mountain torrents. The vegetation is also very beautiful, even without flowers, with mossy trees and many varieties of shrubs. Among the most prevalent are nettles and hemp. Yonatan got stung by a nettle and I showed him how to use dock to take away the sting.