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Israeli binationalism is old news – Opinion Israel News | Haaretz

Israeli binationalism is old news - Opinion Israel News | Haaretz.

Thoroughly agree.  But this is for an Israeli audience.  And though some Israelis are beginning to wake up to this reality, they do so at a time when Palestinians are finally having some success at getting European governments to accept "Palestine" as a state.  So now, if Israelis start saying, "wait, the two state solution is completely unrealistic," it puts Palestinians in a position of looking foolish.

In terms of control, Israel pulls the strings, calls the shots, but in terms of an occupied people and their moral right for freedom, it is the underdog that has to be listened to.  Every people has a right to self-determination, with regard to the character of its leadership and national identity.  If the Palestinians want to be independent, they have the right to be, and if they would prefer to coexist with Israelis in a single nation, then it's a question for both peoples to decide, together.  Israel would need to present a proposal to them to agree to go on living together, but in a binational democratic state.  What is not acceptable is to leave things as they are.