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installed Debian Linux

Installed Debian Testing (Jessie) Linux on my Dell Vostro V130.  This is the first time I am trying a "plain vanilla" Debian distribution.  I found that everything works before adding Debian's non-free sources, so this means essentially that the only thing that is non-free about this laptop is the Bios.  I'm not so strict personally, and I did eventually install the non-free repositories and additional software.  I need things like Flash and Skype in order to work.

I find Debian Testing to be quite polished - as much as Ubuntu 14.4, which exists along-side it on another partition.  I installed the Gnome 3 desktop.  Unfortunately this is not quite as fast on my Intel i3 / 4 GB RAM machine as Ubuntu's Unity interface, not to speak of XFCE or the even more lightweight desktops.  However it is serviceable.  I think Gnome 3 is more elegant than Unity, though I know some people still despise it. I'm a little tired of that aging Windows 95 look and the Mac knock-offs.  I might try replacing Nautilus with PCMan, for greater speed.

I came around to this installation after working quite hard to find a Puppy Linux style RAM distribution that I can use on both my laptop and Netbook.  Puppy itself is a shade too clumsy for permanent use, but it's still the best distribution of its kind.  I will be leaving Puppy Slacko on my netbook.  I treated the latter to a new battery during my recent state-side visit, as well as an antireflective screen protector.  I installed the latter rather clumsily, but it beats staring at my own reflection.

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