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Ides of March, 2021


Electric bike burns down house

The local TV news had the story of a couple whose house burned down due to the "unattended" charging of an electric bicycle battery. Well of course unattended. Were they supposed to sit there and watch it while it charged?

Last night / Piwigo

I've been waking up in the night sometimes lately. Last night, I thought to do a little work. An email suggested that I upload a couple of photos for the archive. But, when I went into our Piwigo site, it gave a database error. I then remembered that back in January this had happened before, when I'd tried to update PHP to a newer version. Undoing the upgrade had solved the problem, but the webhost had said they would be updating automatically across the board in March. So, here we are in March. It took me awhile to learn that I needed to create a new DB user, attach that to the database, then find Piwigo's configuration file to replace the user and password there. The problem was solved, but by that time of course I was tired to do any work and went back to sleep.

I quite like Piwigo. There are probably slicker and more advanced FOSS online photo gallery CMSs by now, but, at the time I started the site, it seemed like the best option. Now there are so many photos there, I probably won't be changing any time soon. I began collecting them on Piwigo after getting disgruntled with Google over its frequent changes, from Picasaweb to Google Photos and Google Plus and what have you. It felt like walking on quicksand, and I realized I needed to take control.

Photo printing

Speaking of photos, the other day my daughter asked if I could print some photos of her boy - a request from the kindergarten. Now that it has reopened again, they were celebrating all the missed birthdays from January through mid-March, I guess. It's been a long time since I actually printed a photo, and the results were quite pleasing. Should do it more often.


In the morning I translated and published a long post about the Rescuers' award to Médecins sans Frontières and Physicans for Human Rights. Then I fixed a leaky pipe for my daughter, made lunch, and went for an afternoon walk.

More photos from my walk



Links blog

Primark supplier accused of locking workers in factory in Myanmar protests | Primark | The Guardian
'Garment workers interviewed by the Guardian said they would continue to demonstrate because they were determined not to live under a military dictatorship. One worker, who claimed to have been fired, said: “Under their rule, we have to fear everything.”'

How one employee's exit shook Google and the AI industry - CNN
'until Google provides some transparency about its research and publication processes, Bender thinks "everything that comes out of Google has a big asterisk next to it."'

Wow, Google is beginning to sound like Monsanto.

Tim Berners-Lee: ‘We need social networks where bad things happen less’ | Tim Berners-Lee | The Guardian

Outrage in Myanmar after activist allegedly tortured to death | Myanmar | The Guardian

Japan and China are giving dual citizens an ultimatum on nationality -- and loyalty | CNN Travel
"critics say the ban on dual citizenship also reflects a tilt toward nationalism -- and the desire to maintain a monoethnic, monocultural identity."