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I, Daniel Blake

We need to exist in alternative support networks of our own, outside State structures: communities, sanghas, churches, tribes, clans, whatever we are comfortable with.  Modern nations, whether so-called welfare states or otherwise, are too large, cold, insensitive to the needs of their populations. That this happens is just another sign of the way in which we are losing touch with reality and each other.  Our societies are an expression of ourselves - egocentric and alienated.  The real remedy is to break out of our separative consciousness that is gradually destroying everything.  Smaller societal units project the same ego, but in the meantime people have to live and require empathy.  It's hard for people to feel empathy towards units that are too large and ungainly, therefore they require community.  We just need to make sure that the communities that we create are not pawns in somebody else's game, as often happens with the established religions.

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