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Hello wordpress!

Today I started a new version of the hieronymouse blog under WordPress.  My purpose in changing the blog over from the SPIP CMS was to enable some additional features I'd been missing, like writing through third-party software.

There is no auto-magical way of importing the old material from SPIP so, in the meantime, that will coexist at  I've also been blogging at and other places, to add to the chaos.

Actually, I think that non-networked blogs are becoming a little passé in the world of social networks.  I will be importing posts from into Facebook Notes, and possibly other places.  However, I don't feel totally comfortable about surrendering control of personal data to such services.  A better solution may be to store original material on a self-hosted site, and just link to that through RSS or other techniques.

As before, this blog is hosted at, the French web cooperative that is possibly the only noncommercial hosting service on the internet.  If you find another, let me know.