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Gurdjieff / de Hartmann Concert

Tonight - a wet and misty evening - we went to hear a concert, "In Search of the Sacred" by the Ensemble Resonance.  The venue was a hall by Mary's Well in Ein Kerem.  The audience was made up mostly of people who follow the mystical teachings of the Georgian philosopher G.I. Gurdjieff - it was the Gurdjieff groups in Israel that had brought the ensemble.  On an oboe and strings, they played for us Bach, Eric Satie and a piece "The Way to Jerusalem" by a modern composer Philippe Hersant.  In the second part they played the lovely, gentle music of Gurdjieff and de Hartmann, which I had heard before only on piano - I used to have an LP of this music by the jazz pianist Keith Jarrett.  It's years since I was able to play it.  The music sounds quite different on these instruments.

We emerged from the concert into a fine drizzle, and dipped into a quiet cafe for late night hot chocolate and apple pie.

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