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Girls’ school in Rajasthan

✭ ‘I feel free here’: how a miracle girls' school was built in India's 'golden city' | Global development | The Guardian…

✭ Award for design
✭ Monumental school that promotes literacy for girls

I'm wondering about this design. It looks like the girls can't see the outside world, that there is no natural shade and perhaps no through-breeze. But I may be wrong about that.

In my experience, buildings that emerge from local culture are always best. In Jaipur I remember the amazing Hawa Mahal, which is sometimes mentioned in texts on environmentally friendly building principles. It employs the Venturi effect.

In the climate of Palestine, houses were often built with thick walls, high ceilings and a cistern under the house. In Jerusalem there are old houses that need no air conditioning in the heat of summer, and very little heating in winter, whereas newer houses are hot in summer, cold in winter and uncomfortable all year round.

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