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First day in Tiruvannamalai

The journey was easy. The only remarkable event was the interview with the immigration official at Chennai airport. I was virtually the only foreigner arriving, so perhaps he was bored, and asked many questions. I discovered that I have a habit of evasiveness with such persons and that I did not have ready answers to many of his questions.

So the whole interview felt a bit awkward. I'm not very good at speaking with such people and I think probably the best strategy is actually honesty, in my case. A full explanation is sometimes best. The official wants to be addressed as a human being, and his questions are aimed at establishing the truth of the person's visit. The best way is to speak to that human level, especially since my visits are within the normal bounds of the acceptable. If it didn't go well (and will influence the result of future applications), well just too bad. Life is fluid, and there is no reason to feel attached to any one place or situation. I'm half there, with my process of understanding.

The heat (it's the hottest time of the year for Tamil Nadu) seems bearable if one is careful. It is okay if there is not much physical effort, and if one stays inside during the hot hours of the day.

Evening bus to Tiruvannamalai