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film festival

This year we decided not to invest very much time in the film festival, since we will already be taking too much time off this summer.  Dorit chose 3 films that we could watch over the weekend.  The first was an American indy film called Tiny Furniture by Lena Dunham, who also appeared in the film and was there at the screening to respond to questions.  If Dunham could make such a good film at the age of 23, it seems that we will be hearing more from her.

We saw the second film this morning.  It was White Material, by Claire Denis.  It would have been good, except that the projectionist may have had too much beer.  First we saw about 40 minutes from the middle of the movie.  Then we saw the beginning.  Then we saw the end.  After the titles, they announced that we should remain seated, since apparently they had found a bit more.  But by that time nobody cared and the audience was heading for the exits.

Leaving the film early meant that we had a little more time to kill before the next one.  Since most of the Moshava was closed for the shabbat, we headed over to the cinematheque for lunch.  Then back to Smadar theater to see Please Give by Nicole Holofcener.  This had some similarities to Tiny Furniture as both films were character films set in New York.  Dorit liked it, I liked it less.

And that's probably about it for the film festival this year.  I might have liked to see Budrus today - unfortunately it was full.  I noticed that Yossi Sarid and David Shulman were there by the doors.