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February 23, 2021



I updated Thunderbird to the new version (from 68.xx to 78.xx) using MX Linux's Test option in its package manager. The new version replaces Enigmail with built-in support for PGP. Actually before upgrading, I saw that the version of Thunderbird I already had, had stopped supporting Enigmail. I so rarely use it that I hadn't noticed. (I do use it in order to attach digital signatures.)

I also disabled the Conversations add-on. It had been giving me a couple of problems. First, it doesn't always show attachments - for example, when a photo is included in the body of the email, it doesn't seem to show up as an attachment. Then, there were certain emails for which I needed to enable the traditional message viewer. So now I'm back to threads. I found a post regarding how to keep emails threaded across folders, as there is a problem that when one replies to an email and archives the original, one message in a thread will be in the sent folder, and another in the archive folder.

The solution is:



Michael, who is the person we go to when we need to do printing, was disappointed when my wife told him she had gone over to digital receipts. "Everybody's going digital - pretty soon I won't have any work," he said. Maybe he's right, though from what I read, the amount of printing has only increased from the advent of the digital age. But maybe the kind of printing that is done does not benefit commercial printers?

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✭Global freshwater fish populations at risk of extinction, study finds | Rivers | The Guardian
"Populations of migratory freshwater fish have plummeted by 76% since 1970, and large fish – those weighing more than 30kg – have been all but wiped out in most rivers. The global population of megafish down by 94%, and 16 freshwater fish species were declared extinct last year."

✭Facebook reverses Australia news ban after government makes media code amendments
"Treasurer Josh Frydenberg announces a compromise has been reached at the 11th hour as the legislation is debated in the Senate"
#news-media #social-media
Not having troubled to look at the way Facebook handles news, I realise that I don't really understand the issue. Is it showing whole articles, or just links to them? If the latter, I would have though that it is helping the news sources, but that's also true of, and I understood that the news sources don't always agree.

The only news source I currently pay for is the Guardian, because I like their contributions model. If news sources would offer support for micro-payment services I might contribute a little. Some news sources are so full of trackers I don't agree to sign into them, even when payment isn't necessary - such as when they offer a certain number of articles for month. I could use my wife's subscription to HaAretz, but don't, though it's the only real newspaper in Israel.

✭WhatsApp to try again to change privacy policy in mid-May | WhatsApp | The Guardian
"The company’s new terms of service are no different from those it attempted to introduce in January, but it hopes that a more verbose information screen, as well as more time to review the proposed changes, will allay users’ fears."
#facebook #privacy

✭‘It’s so unfair’: life on the streets of the French town branded as ‘lost to Islam’ | World news | The Guardian
Mayor of Paris suburb labelled an extremist centre says stoking division will not help his town

“We are being stigmatised,” he said. “Many of the people spreading lies, exaggerations and unjust accusations about Trappes have no idea what happens here. They have never set foot in the town."
#islamophobia #france