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February 21, 2021


Desktop environments

In Linux we are spoiled, having so many options for windows managers and desktop environments. In MX Linux I have XFCE, Fluxbox and Budgie installed and all of them are reasonable choices. The only thing that currently bothers me with Budgie is the way it lumps program instances together under the same icon without making it visually easy to choose which instance I want. For example, Thunderbird often has 2 instances open; one for the mail folder and one for the compose window.

Today, I tried Fluxbox. There, besides the problem that the dock does not work like modern operating systems (where the program icon in the bottom bar becomes the link to the active instance of the program), there is the problem that the Thinkpad trackpad remains active while typing; which can produce chaos. There may be a way to deal with that; just something more to learn. It's also inconvenient that there's no input language icon in the taskbar.

XFCE is of course fine, other than the same issue of not having a modern dock. I have to re-learn how to change those annoying input language flags to letters.

Mastodon posts

So now I understand: If Mastodon encounters a Hubzilla post that it can't cope with, it imports it like a link to a blog post. Which is fine, except that the result is usually nonsensical. If this was Facebook, I'd be accusing it of doing it that way deliberately to get us to use its platform and no other.



Hmm... color #007bff - impossible to root out; I've tried everywhere.

Links blog

✭Oil spill from passing ship blackens Israel's Mediterranean shoreline | Israel | The Guardian
#israel #environment

✭Eliot Higgins (Bellingcat): 'People accuse me of working for the CIA' | Investigative journalism | The Guardian
"If you live in a western democracy it’s easy to think everything is going to be OK and someone will sort it out. In fact, people spend more time on the internet and grow less informed."

"As a teenager I read people who wrote from a leftist perspective. Naomi Klein’s No Logo, Robert Fisk’s book on Lebanon, Pity the Nation, Noam Chomsky, etc. I was reading a lot of John Pilger and Seymour Hersh. Later, most of them turned out to hate me. They seem to think I’m part of a global conspiracy against Syria to re-run the invasion of Iraq."

"Liberal leftists of a certain age often suffer from horrible bigotry. It robs Muslims in the Middle East of agency and authenticity, as victims or as perpetrators."

✭Khashoggi confidant Omar Abdulaziz: 'I’m worried about the safety of the people of Saudi Arabia' | Documentary films | The Guardian
It was disappointing that Amazon and Netflix declined to carry it, but he was not surprised. “I told the producers what would happen from the beginning,” he says. “Everybody who watched that documentary has told me the same thing, that it deserves to be on those platforms. But I knew that they would be scared to do such a thing,” he smiles. “And to be honest. I don’t blame them.”
#film #MENA

✭Israel said to have used Covid vaccines as bargaining tool in Syria prisoner swap | Israel | The Guardian
Israel secured coronavirus vaccines for the Syrian regime as part of a Russian-mediated prisoner swap agreed this week, according to an Israeli source and local media reports.