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Experiments with nanoblogger

I'm continuing to play with Nanoblogger and through it learn more about the unix command line, ftp, and other things. I understand now why the script used to publish the blog does not publish the archives (mput * does not work with folders recursively). I have tried to replace it with wput, but the connection fails repeatedly. Tried also "cadaver" - a command line webDAV client, but this failed too. I've decided to simply upload files with Filezilla for now, when I feel like it.

I've also placed a mirror of the blog on Ubuntu One. That makes it possible to keep a mirror also on my other computer, and solves the problem of using different machines. It would work permanently. Dropbox - a similar service - also makes it possible to use a CName. It solves the upload problem completely if I like.

That brings me to think again about Opera's Unite service. I realize now that it would be better if they offered the option of a caching proxy - actually just like Dropbox. That way it would not be necessary for one's computer to be on all the time, and the service would also permit the download of files more quickly than if the user were to download these from one's slow computer. They could charge for the option, by capacity.