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December 4, 2020


The torrents carry an unabridged translation that I was not aware of, by Bibek Devroy, an Indian economist. It's quite good. Happy that he left alone some untranslatable Sanskrit words that are now anyway mostly known in the world.

There's an interesting software issue regarding footnotes in this epub version. Kobo Reader doesn't handle them properly; neither does Coolreader, the reader I usually use on my phone. But another program from FDroid, simply called Book Reader, does handle them well. As does FBReader on my computer. It might be a good reason to try the 3rd party software with which I replaced the Kobo interface in my last ereader.

I will buy the Penguin paperbacks of this 10 volume version; as I don't like to cheat living writers/translators out of their rightful income (but, on the other hand, don't like to buy digital products with DRM).

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