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DDR3 Dimm for my computer

My everyday desktop computer is one that I originally bought as a media-pc in 2011. It has an Intel DG43RK board, a Pentium dual core processor and 6 GB RAM. Despite these low specs it works beautifully under MX 18 (a Debian Gnu-linux distro) and handles everything I need to do. I don't do software development, gaming or other chores that require heavy lifting, but I sit here for many hours a day doing all kinds of other things. Last week I tried to get another couple of gigabytes of RAM, to bring the machine up to its maximum 8 gigabytes, but was disappointed to discover it doesn't handle modern DDR3 dimms (though they fit). Never mind, I got a reimbursement. Now I've ordered a new DIMM which is supposed to work with this motherboard on eBay.

Actually the only need I felt for more RAM was to work with Google Drive, which has become increasingly resource hungry, but which I need for the office. It's a bit of a false need, I know.